At the Elmira Hamfest, September 2005
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Welcome, friends. March 2005 marks my third year making these little radios. I wrote the web pages to show off the projects that I made. I made the projects so I could write the web pages. I think I am in a big circle.

The projects on my website range from the pretty simple to some high performance crystal and one tube radios. There is something for everybody here. The projects shown here are ones that I built since March 2002.

I hope you enjoy looking at my projects as much as I have making them. There will be more coming. 73, Dave N2DS

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What's Dave Up To Now?

Breadboard for experiments and testing (10/3)
  Dave's Crystal Radio Set #55 (9/10)
  New Set on Visitors Page (8/30)
  Dave's Homemade Transmitter Main Page (8/28)
  Dave's Homemade Microbroadcaster (8/28)
  Demod of AM Signals Visitor technical article by Ramon Vargas (8/22)
  The Eicoflex Updated! (7/17)

2006 DX Contests Announced!

The Birmingham group will be hosting the 2006 DX contests.

1) The next Crystal Set DX contest will be held January 13-23, 2006.

2) The One-Active-Device (1AD) DX Contest will be held the second and third weekends in February. The dates are February 10-13 and 17-20, 2005.

More Info Here!

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Other Projects and Features

Dave's Radio Collection F-A-Q Restoration Project Bogen T-725
Take a look at my old radio collection. Frequently Asked Questions Restored homebrew 1920's single tube radio. Applications for this transformer.

Xtal Radio Listening Log Favorite Stations Visitors Loops
Tube Radio Listening Log With editorial comments (sorry) Sets that my visitors have proudly built. Homemade Loop Antennas

Tests and Experiments 6-12 volt Construction hints Spider Coils
The Frankenstein Page How I made a 55 Ford radio fit in a 92 Caravan. Look how I build some of my radios. How to build them.

My dad's old qsl collection. 30's and 50's Visitors Section  Contest hints  schematics
Old QSL Cards Visitors Articles Contesting Circuits
1930-1960's Technical Wisdom Hints Schematics Only

FAQ  Contest hints  
Variometer Variocoupler Switch Catswhisker
Variable Inductor Moveable tickler coil Antenna Switch Listen to a piece of rock

 Contest hints  Contest hints
Matching Transformers Battery Boxes Octostuff Test Coil
Get better reception Power for your tube projects Cap and Coil in boxes Loading Coil

 DX Notes  Contest hints
Downloads DX Notes Bandwidth Measurements Power Supplies
Files available here! High Performance Set Building 660/46 Litz AC to DC

 DRM Radio  Antenna Tuner
Old Publications DRM Experiment Antenna Tuner Transmitters
Take a look! 6BE6 Digital Radio Adaptor Multi-Use too! Medium Wave

 DRM Radio  Antenna Tuner
Test twice, build once.

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The site of this month is Dick Kleijer's Crystal Radio Site from the Netherlands. He has done some experiments on LC circuits.


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