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This page is an archived copy of my homemade radios main page: This page was taken out of service at the end of May, 2010.

There are no active links on this page. Please don't link to this page as my main radio site page. Thanks, Dave, N2DS

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My Latest Project

Dave's Homemade Radio #77

Dave's #77 Crystal Set!

Dave's Homemade Radio Projects

Hello fellow radio builders or those that might be interested in this fascinating hobby! In my 8 solid full years of building radios and placing them on this website has given me a great amount of pleasure. I've been interested in electronics and radio since I was 5 years old, but now I have the chance to help others by showing what I've built lately.

This is a very active website! I work on it every day. All the content here is original. The content here is not (or should not) appear anywhere else on the WWW. There are new projects for 2010, as well as more articles to help the radio builder make their successful set. Also new for 2010 is a shift away from donation support to an ad based website. I've limited the ads to the very bottom of most of my pages. Your interest in this area is very appreciated.

Donations are still being accepted. Information available on my contact Dave page.

As I have spent hundreds of hours each year working to make this site better, I have learned a lot about website coding. I hope you find the improvements enjoyable. Doing website development is as much fun as building my radios and the two go together.

I have also kept the pages fairly light as I am mindful of the bandwidth this site takes up. This conservation allows reasonably fast for those with dialup connections. I hope it is worth your wait as all the content is original and exclusively available only here at You, my web visitor are the most important part of this website. I will promise never to forget that.

I hope you enjoy looking at my projects as much as I have making them. There will be more coming. 73, Dave (Дэйв) N2DS

Updates to Dave's Homemade Radios Site.

New Coils Main Page New access point for all my coil projects! (May 9)
Banner Advertising now being accepted. (May 2)
радиоприемников My radio collection in Russian.(Apr 26)
My #77 Crystal Set Budget DX litz wire radio (Apr 4)
Transistor Shortwave Regen Receiver by Ramon Vargas PDF (bottom of page) (Mar 26)
My Past Fame old articles I wrote. Updated! (Mar 20)

The summer conteststarts on July 23, 2010! Be there!!!!


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