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Welcome to my homemade radio site. Below are links to the sets that I have built starting in 2002. I have enjoyed building them and I would like to show them off to you. This website has over 4.5mb of pictures and text, so stay a while. I have set up a visitors sets page. It is kind of empty now, but check it out.

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Crystal Sets

Crystal Radios Crystal Set intro and links.
#1 Crystal Set My First Crystal Set. This is what started this whole mess!
#2 Crystal Set Crystal set in wood box, 2 tuning capacitors and tap switch.
#3 Crystal Set An old Australian Design.
#4 Crystal Set Single capacitor, dual coil.
#5 Crystal Set Crystal set in a wood box with tap switch and 2 tuning capacitors. The coil has been changed (improved) on this set.
#6 Crystal Set Big crystal set with many tuning features.
#7 Crystal Set Crystal set with lid.
#8 Crystal Set Dave's Octoset.
#9 Crystal Set Shortwave crystal set, 49 meter band.
#10 Crystal Set Some old parts placed on a new board. Looks great!
#11 Crystal Set Wow! Now that's a nice pair (of tuning capacitors).
#12 Crystal Set This looks like one of those old german crystal sets.
#13 Crystal Set Dave went "postal" with this mailing tube set.
#14 Crystal Set Variable inductive coupling of the antenna circuit.
#15 Crystal Set Variable coupling, dual tuning, diode taps.
#16 Crystal Set Based on the classic J.W. Miller tuner.
#17 Crystal Set My first set with a galena detector (and diode for the faint of heart.)
#18 Crystal Set Sloped panel, but otherwise like #17.
For Sale Some of these sets are available for sale.

Homemade Tube Radios

Tube Radios Tube radio main page.
#30 Tube Single #30 tube radio
12AF6 AM radio using 12 volt hybrid tube.
Reflex Radio Reflex radio using a 1J6G dual triode.
Shortwave Radio One tube battery operated 49 meter band radio.
3 Tuber 3 tube all-wave radio with plug in coils.
4 Tuber Broadcast radio with loop antenna, drives a speaker.
The Pentaflex Single tube shortwave regenerative radio.


Radio Accessories Other Stuff main page
Restoration Project Restored homebrew 1920's single tube radio.
Octo-Stuff Variable capacitor and variometer in their own boxes.
Variocoupler Variocoupler page. Ticklers.
Variometer Variometer coil page.
Loops Broadcast band loop antennas.
Switch Crystal Set Selector Switch
Visitors Sets that my visitors have proudly built.

And, now a word.....

For Sale Radios, and parts for sale here!


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