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Note: My Visitors Section Has Been Split Into Several Pages. Be Sure To See Them All.

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Tom Kipgen's Tall Radio Dave Schmarder

Hi, this is Dave Schmarder. I've shown you over 100 of my projects, and now it is your turn to show me and the world what you have built. I don't deserve all the glory. Have a look at the great projects shown below.

As time permits, I am accepting new submissions to my visitors page. I am asking that you provide good pictures, a schematic diagram and a description. I would like to see enough detail that someone might be able reproduce your project. Before you do the writing, first send some pictures to me. All materials must be your work and are not currently published elsewhere on the web. Thanks

PS. Check out Mike Peebles' new visitors section. If you don't want to make schematics or write a lot of detail, you can still show your project there. Don't worry, I am the webmaster there too. Contact Mike for details.

My Visitor's Projects

Praudi's Radio Regen rady by kd4pbj David William's Crystal Set William Nielsen's Project

John's VE5EI Radio Project David Trott's Crystal Radio Loop antenna project

KH6ITY's receiver project Ron Cox's DX Crystal Set Tom Nickel's Radio Regen two tube radio by w3hwj

Robert Tso's Loop antenna project One tube radio Jara's EM83 Radio

6H16b Radio Jara's Testboard Radio Jara's EM84 Regenerative Radio Jara's All Wave Radio

Jara's EM83 MW Radio PCC88 two tube radio Jara's SW Receiver Jara's Space Charge Tube Radio

Jara's Negadyn Radio regenodyne radio 1j24b radio Jara's 1T4 tube radio

Jara's hybrid tube transistor radio crystal radios Melissa's crystal loop antenna radio Matt's Tube Radio

Matt's xtal radio Matt's Two Tube Radio Matt's Doerle Radio Mike's xtal sets

crystal radio museum Old looking radios 4 tube radio 5 tube radio

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Visitors Sets Shown On Their Own Pages

Here are some sets by my visitors, but shown on their own web pages. Instead of my duplicating their efforts, I will send you to their projects shown on their websites. The presentational are better than I can provide at this location. Plus there is no duplication.

AC-100 Regen Set by Darrin
Darrin's 5678 One Tube Regen Set
Jara's 7 & 14 MHz receiver, interesting circuit, text is in Czech language.
Macrohenrie's Plastic Radio Cases
The Macrohenrydyne one transistor radio.