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Dave Schmarder's First Broadcast

Dave's First Broadcast

2 Tube MW Transmitter

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Hello folks. Here is a section showing off my homemade transmitters. I'm not sure what will be featured here. I am hoping you won't be disappointed

I started transmitting when I was a kid. The picture was taken around 1961 or so. I'm not sure. My dad bought me a Knight-Kit wireless broadcaster. I am sure it is something that I begged him for. He and I put it together on a card table in the bedroom. As I recall, we missed one wire, so the transmitter didn't work. It didn't take my dad long to find the problem and get me on the air. Most of the time I used this with the 10 foot "legal antenna". But once in a while it got connected purely by accident, to my dads 75 meter dipole. I sure had a lot of fun with that little blue box.

Most of the designs in this section will be my own design. I usually see someone else's project and that gets the wheels turning in my head and pretty soon I'm sitting in front of my soldering iron.

Important Information: Some of these transmitters may need a license, and some others may be illegal in your country. Everything I am showing on this page can be legally operated in the USA (sorry pirates). Please check your local country laws before building a project shown here.

Some projects use low voltages and some use somewhat higher voltages. The building of the higher power transmitters should only be done by people that are familiar with the safety procedures required around these devices. My showing you my projects does not constitute my giving you my blessings to repeat them.

73, Dave - N2DS