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Nice cabinet, huh? I got it from here.

Hello there AM radio fans. This is kind of my editorial page. You are welcome to skip this part and get to the links if you want. I won't be offended.

I listen to AM radio and for the most part only listen to AM radio. FM radio just isn't too interesting around here. As a little kid growing up in Corning, I can still remember my mother turning on the little white DeWald - All American 5 radio to WCBA and hearing Benny Goodman or Glenn Miller playing. It still gives me a little bit of a warm feeling just thinking about it now, 50 years later.

Without good stations, there isn't much reason to build crystal or tube radios or collect and restore old sets. Without good ear candy, there is not need for electronic restorations. Of course, you could connect your CD player to a little oscillator and transmit your music to your old time radio. But there is more to radio than doing that.

The reason that people buy radios and televisions is for the programming. No one needs a 27 inch night light in their living room. Over the last years, while there were more stations added, the quality has dropped. Many stations now are hooked up to a satellite that streams dribble all day. No local personality or no personality at all for that matter. In the sixties or seventies I had thought that having national networks would bring radio back to the way it was. The return has been disappointing to me. The shortwave band has been about the same way. In the good old days when the cold war was raging, there were a lot of cool stations on the air. Many governments were pitching their propaganda but at the same time there was entertainment. Now the shortwave bands are filled by religious stations with their own agenda. Very little is entertaining to me.

There are some bright spots emerging on the AM band (and on shortwave too). Us baby boomers have lots of clout in the radio marketplace now and a few stations are starting to listen. Below is a list of stations that I listen to. If you don't live in the Northeast US (and some cases locally), this list won't mean much to you.

There are fewer bright spots on the band. I have once again had to trim my list of stations that I usually listen to. The new IBOC jamming system has hurt my night time reception. I did write my Congressman and those idiots at the FCC. If the IBOC digihash is a problem for you, please write to the FCC and Congress and to the interfering and interfered stations. Ok, now to the list of stations.

Dave's AM Band

1600 WEHH — This is a local 5kw daytime, 24/7 station. They now have a daytime live and local presenter. This is the station I listen to during the day time.

1570 WFLR — Dundee, NY WFLR is one of the local stations around here that actually serves their local audience. Quite a novel idea. They have the farm reports in the morning and during drive time they provide information and entertainment for their locals.

1180 WHAM — Rochester, NY. I don't listen often but they have some good talk and other local origination. I listen when I am on the road in the Rochester area.

1130 WBBR — Bloomberg Radio in New York City. When they come in at night, I like listening to the financial news on this station.

1060 KYW — Philadelphia, PA. This is another station that I have been listening to for over 35 years. They still have that teletype sound in the background. I doubt that there is a working TTY machine within 50 miles of Philly, but they have the sound. They do the best in radio news too.

900 CHML — One of those cool Canadian stations. They play a lot of old time radio programs at night.

870 WHCU — This is a news talk station that has recently been added to my listening list. They earned a push button spot on my car radio.

850 WYLF — Penn Yan, NY. One of those local stations mostly satellite but they do have a microphone connected to their transmitter for the local news and farm reports. I like this station. Unfortunately their audio is a little "narrow". Their STL must be two cans and a string. The sound is almost like what you hear when pre-1925 records are played. I have stopped listening.

820 WWLZ — Horseheads, NY. This is the local blowtorch station but only 5kw. So that makes it a 1/10 of a blowtorch. At night they are running 850 watts. Now with IBOC, they are getting clobbered by WGY on 810. I don't like this station. Too many repeatative commercials! Dead air is often present (which might be a benefit in this case.) They just don't take good care of this station. But the corporate headquarters are in Florda. They don't have to listen to this station, so why should they care?

780 WBBM — Chicago. Another news station that I like to listen to when the skip is on the long side.

740 CFZM — aka AM740. This station is the best! Depending on which night I tune in, I hear a mixture of all the music that I like to hear, and they are live! They combine all that radio should be right here. There is also a Yahoo! AM740 group.

680 WINR — Binghamton, NY Here is another music station that comes in quite well now. They have been around for a long time but with their 5KW, they have a decent signal. They also play old farts music. In the winter months this station comes in quite well in the morning hours. At night they disappear.

AM 740 cartoon

Humorous? I found this on a newsgroup

WASHINGTON (AP)--The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced today that it has agreed to be acquired by Clear Channel Communications (CCU) of San Antonio, Texas.

In announcing the deal, FCC Chairman Micheal Powell said "This transaction will greatly expedite the demise of the antiquated concept of local ownership of media outlets. Critics of deals such as this need to understand that Clear Channel embodies all that is good and decent in the broadcast industry, and anyone that believes otherwise clearly isn't listening to the news."

In a statement issued today, Clear Channel CEO Lowry Mays said "This acquisition is a perfect strategic fit for Clear Channel. The FCC has been a wonderful business partner for the past several years, and has carried out our directions with great enthusiasm. We are proud to welcome the FCC into the Clear Channel family of companies."

Although terms of the deal were not immediately available, It is said that the acquisition will include all components, operating units and assets of the FCC, except for its soul, which was sold in a prior transaction to Satan, Inc. in 1996.

Clear Channel, which owns broadcast facilities, shopping malls, billboard advertising, and concert promotion units all across North America, has been on an acquisition binge for the past several years, and has recently broadened the scope of its acquisitions to include government entities. In a recent deal, CCU purchased a 50% interest in the U.S. Congress, and is reportedly close to striking a deal to purchase The White House.

Clear Channel's Stock stood at $42.09 at the close of Monday's trading, up $1.39, or 3.42%


WBCQ 7415 on your shortwave dial. A very interesting station!
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Music Radio 77 The way it used to be.
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