Dave's Homemade Solid State Radios

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What? Dave building a solid state radio? Is the earth coming to an end? Hard to believe.

Yes, it is true. Dave finally built a solid state, rather than a hollow state radio. I built some others over the last couple of years but I never showed them on my web site. I'm not sure how many I will build and show off, but be assured they will be quality projects, up to the standards of the of my other radios.

This page is officially under construction. I will be searching the internet for the best in links. Please check back now and again and see what Dave has cooked up in his kitchen shop.

73, Dave - N2DS

My Project(s)

Dave's Homemade Solid State Radios

Homodyne Receiver Thumbnail

Homodyne Receiver, A Two Transistor Regenerative Radio

That's it for now. Sorry the selection in this section is a little sparse.