My Old Electronic Projects

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I've been building electronic stuff since the late 50's. Here is a stroll down my memory lane with a few projects that I still have, or have the drawings I used to build these projects. More projects will appear here once I scan the papers. Enjoy

Ten Minute Timer using TTL Integrated Circuits

1975 TTL Frequency Counter Project

1968 Two Tube Transmitter 12J5 – 1626

Old Magazine Articles Written By Dave Schmarder

ELO Zeitschrift Dez 1985 Seite 52ELO Zeitschrift Dez 1985 Seite 52

Hi Friends. The other day I was rummaging through my file cabinet and I came across some articles that I had written a long time ago. To be a little more precise, 25 to 40 years ago! I was a mere 18 year old teenager when I painstakingly typed my first article and sent it to Wayne Green at 73 magazine. I was thrilled when I got the acceptance letter with the payment. It wasn't a lot of money, but the first time around it is the fame! I was fantastic to see my name on the front cover along with the great ham radio writers of the day.

In 1996, when the internet grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go, I went back to my old roots and started writing again. But this time it was websites. It was my fortune in late 2009 to become reacquainted writing once again for print publications. In my heart, there is room for all.

I would like to share with you some of what I call my past glories. Below are articles that I wrote. My speciality was converting cb radios to ham radio use. Maybe some of you old time hams fiddled with the fabled "Hy-Gain" circuit boards. Heck, at a buck and a half each, I was buying 10 of them at a time and sharing them with my friends.

The last article was cool too as it was my first article that I wrote in a foreign language, and they actually understood what I was writing!

73 Magazine October 1968

Article co-written with another fellow (I was busy at college) about converting a CB radio to six meters. It was a fairly simple conversion and the radio was really quite hot.

73 Magazine February 1983

I wrote this in the late seventies. The 10 meter band was really hot and the Hy-Gain cb boards were cheap! These boards became available when 27 mHz CB was expanded from 23 to 40 channels. So up these went on the surplus market. This was my own conversion. It had frequency scanning, digital readout and repeater offsets.

73 Magazine February 1984

This was another article about converting the Hy-Gain boards to 10 meters. There were two kinds of boards. One with 3 crystals (good) and the other with 2 crystals (not so good). One shipment of these boards were the dreaded two crystal models. I found that if not having exactly 10 kHz spaced channels was ok, these boards worked fine. I used a diode matrix to do the logic changing. I sure liked diode matrix circuits back then.

ELO Dezember 1985

This is my one and only article I wrote in German. I met the fine folks at ELO Magazine (Franzis Publishing, Munich) when I went to the HamRadio at Friedrichshafen Germany in 1984. I had taken some floppies with me with a program I had written for the Commodore 64. I showed it to them and they were interested in publishing an article about this. I told them that I would write the article and send it to them. So I wrote it the best I could and sent it along to them. The article was accepted. Now that was wunderbar!

Why did I have this published in Germany? I was selling copies of this program here, and I felt that having it published in another language would keep me from cannibalizing my earnings from the software. Not that it was ever that great anyway.

Magazine Articles In The Modern Age

Monitoring Times Magazine Feb 10 Cover

Monitoring Times Feb 2010

In late 2009 I was approached by Monitoring Times Magazine to write a feature article about dxing with crystal radios and small "1 active device" receivers. This writing experience was one that I truly enjoyed. Not only did I write my largest article ever, but my projects were featured on the front cover! I don't have a scan of this article, but if you e-mail Belinda at the magazine, I'm sure she can dig up a copy.

Monitoring Times, April 2010

My second article in MT is about DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale), which is a method of digital broadcasting that is popular everywhere in the world but here in the US. My article was about DRM reception on the cheap with a one tube detector, and my computer. I also don't have a copy of this that I can upload. Perhaps later.

Monitoring Times, September 2010

This article, DXing the Medium Waves with a DIY Loop appears on page 13. The article shows of some of the loop antennas that I have built, how to made your own and what you might expect from one. A short biograph about me is at the end of the article.

Monitoring Times, December 2010 & January 2011

In case you haven't been counting, this is my fourth article in MT for 2010. The friendly folks at Monitoring Times have been very nice to me. If you have a radio topic that they might be interested in, by all means contact them and if they agree, write for MT.

This article, in two parts is about one of my crystal sets. This will be my #78 when shown on my website in 2011. The full details will be in article only. Just some pictures with a brief description will be on the site.

Monitoring Times, June 2011

My next writing assignment (Most of these articles are requested by one of the staff at MT. I am given lots of leeway. They generally give me a general subject and how many pages it should be.) is an article about how the modern ham radio operator can enjoy building small accessory projects for the shack.

This article uses my first code practice oscillator as the example. I run through the steps from deciding which project to build, where to find project information right through to the parts procurement and finally the build.

Monitoring Times, September 2012

After laying dormant for a year or so, I'm back to writing for Monitoring Times. This time my article appears on page 70 & 71 of the 9/12 issue. I did a review of a very inexpensive, Chinese made and sold directly from China by a seller on eBay AM-FM-SW, DSP radio, the Degen DE321.

Along with a review of the radio, I wrote about purchasing stuff directly from China. I also discussed ways to improve this little radio. So there is a little bit of experimenter flair. FWIW, I wrote some reviews of other Chinese products on my sister publication, .

Monitoring Times, October 2012

Monitoring Times Magazine Cover, October 2012

Yes, my second cover appearance on Monitoring Times. I have always said that MT does have good taste. :) I was asked by the feature editor to write an article about shortwave crystal radio DX. This was an easy article for me to write. As a bonus to the readers of Monitoring Times, I included a special schematic design for a shortwave crystal set that could be used for DX reception.