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Crystal Radio Selector Switch

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After building a whole bunch of crystal radios (16, but who's counting), I decided that it was about time I had an easier way of hooking up, testing and comparing the sets. So is born, the selector switch.

This switch allows me to change crystal set hookups instantly. There are 4 circuits that are switched. Two for the earphone, one antenna and one ground. A 4 pole switch is required. The switch that I am using will allow me to switch nearly a dozen radios. I moved the stop down to 4 positions. I didn't want to go crazy here.

Also, I wanted to test with two antennas. I used a SPDT toggle switch connected to two antenna posts to select the antenna.

Now, switching and testing my different radios is a breeze. No more fumbling around trying to hook one set up after another.

There is not much more I can tell you about this little beauty, so I will leave it as I have told you.

Dave Schmarder's 4 way selector switch for crystal sets

Dave's crystal set selector switch

Dave Schmarder's 4 way selector switch for crystal sets back view

Dave's homemade crystal radio selector switch