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"Dial S For Schmarder" #56

Dave's Homemade Radios, Crystal Set #56

Dave's Homemade Radios, Crystal Set #56

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How about that - A crystal set with a monogram. (I hope the S wasn't for stupid.) This is getting fun. This radio went together very quick. Why? That is because all the major components were made in Oklahoma by Tom Kipgen. All I had to do is drill the base and wire it up.

Now is a good time to showcase some of the parts on this set. The standout item is that cats whisker detector.

The coil has two taps. One is about 15% from the bottom and that is where the antenna connects. The other tap is about 50% of the 240 uh coil and that is for the detector tap. The coil is space wound for higher performance.

The radio is wired like my #55 set. The only difference is the brass link switch to select either the detector stand or a 1N34A diode hidden under the base. The binding posts are available from Jon Bowers.

The base is made with white oak with a stain finish. The size is about 11 by 7 inches (28x18 cm). I used a clear piece of plexiglas as a panel to mount the variable capacitor. I like these old time capacitors and this is a good way to show it off. The clear material matches the coil form. This is about the brassiest set that I have ever built.

How does it work? It works fairly well. This circuit is prone to a lot of nighttime shortwave interference. I sometimes put an inductor in series with the antenna to reduce the 49 meter broadcasters. My two capacitor, one coil sets are better for reducing the shortwave ghosts.

I like the single capacitor in this design because it is easier to adjust that while probing around the galena for a signal. Once you get a signal, then it is easier next time because you know where to tune.

But this is another show radio. I like to make these as they aren't as technically demanding as my dx sets.

73 and good crystal DX. Dave - N2DS

Dave's Homemade Radios, Crystal Set #56

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