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The "Mae West" Breadboard — #40 Crystal Radio

#40 Crystal Set

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This radio I decided to name after a famous actress. What the heck, we name our computers, cars and about every other inanimate object. So since I built it, I get to name it. Some of you might know why this radio reminds me of Mae West. If you don't, just go to bombshells.com. Don't stay too long, I want to talk about this crystal set.

The main feature of this set are the two round boxes that house the capacitors. This is an expansion on my #39 set. I had a slight problem with #39. The place that I bought that nice round box has discontinued them. Darn! Well, this weekend I was at Michael's and found some similar boxes. They are a little smaller and made from what I think might be balsa wood. The boxes are very light but just what I needed for this project. I couldn't wait, so I stained and put the poly on. The inside details of this part of the project can be found on the #39 page. When you go to Michael's look for boxes the same size. The ones I got are slightly different in height. Not by much, but one is bigger than the other. Notice that the capacitor cleavage is somewhat wide. This was allow to for symmetry with the coil and diode in the center.

The litz spider coil form was one I made a while ago. This coil uses 165/46 litz wire. There are 47 turns of wire, tapped at 35 turns or so. The inside diameter of the coil is 1.25 inches. The form should be 4 inches in diameter. Mine is a little smaller, thus a little bit of crowding of the wires. The form is made from some 1/16 inch styrene sheet. 40/44 litz works well on a 3-1/2 inch diameter form.The wood base is 15 inches by 6 inches.

73 and good crystal DX. Dave - N2DS

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