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Dave's #25 Crystal Set

Dave's 25th crystal set

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I sure like this style of set. Springtime is here. I can take pictures of my "babies" in the nice outdoors. Here in western New York State, this doesn't last long. Could snow tomorrow.

This set is much like my #12 set, so I will direct you there for the details. One change I made is I came across some nice 100 strand 46 gauge litz wire. A friend sells it in Florida. I did wind this coil with fewer turns, so it favors the high end of the band and will only tune down to around 600 khz. This isn't a problem for me as I can hear stations only as low as 660. But what a beautiful radio. Even without the special effects of the above picture.

The circuit is a favorite of mine, but not every future radio will have this circuit. I have some other ideas in mind. E-mail me if you can't wait for me to build them and I will describe what is going on in my head.

I don't have much more to say about this cool crystal set. I will plug in my crystal earphone and see what is going on in the world. Best wishes and good DX. Dave - N2DS

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