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The brown box.....

Dave's 18th crystal set

Dave's 18th crystal set

... with the flip-top lid. My #18 Set

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Hi friends. Well, this one is kind of a repeat of my last set. But I had this box that I bought at a hamfest fleamarket and I now found the right moment to use it. So please excuse my repeating myself.

This set uses the same circuit as my #17 set. The only changes were to make the output resistor 33k and the capacitor 560pf. These parts aren't critical, so I use what I lay my hands on first. Otherwise it is very close to the last one. Since I had great success with the galena detector, I've continued it's use on this one. This detector is more commercial than mine. It was part of that hamfest deal.

The coil is mounted on top of the set, only because it looks great there. As they say, "It's not the steak that sells, but the sizzle." And this set just cooks away.

The set is about 9 inches wide and the wood is a plywood. The brown paint looks pretty nice here. I don't have a lot of information on this box as I didn't make it, but if you are good at these things, this might be the kind of box to make your next crystal set in.

Well, that's it for now. I will try to come up with some more original sets. I have plenty of parts and still have the desire to make crystal sets. But it is getting towards winter, and since the broadcast band is now very hot, I will be spending more time listening to my little babies.

Best wishes from -- Dave N2DS

Dave's Homemade Crystal Set Front Panel   Dave's Homemade Crystal Set Schematic

Closeup of the front panel & schematic.

Dave's Homemade Crystal Set Inside view   Dave's Homemade Crystal Set Inside view

Inside views

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