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Dave Schmarder's #7 Crystal Set

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I call this set the El Grande II. This is about the same as my sixth receiver. I wanted a receiver that fit in a box with a lid. I was very fortunate to find some dual gang capacitors at a hamfest. Otherwise the price to build this one would have been more than I wanted to pay.

I have to thank my friend John Quist and his dad Oliver Quist for providing me with a most excellent tap switch and knob. I always wondered what building with real 1920's crystal set parts would be like.

Since this is a re-hash of some of my earlier sets, I won't do too much detail. This set was very enjoyable to build. It worked the first time too! One feature is the old diode that I found. I remember having a couple of these when I was a kid in the fifties. I remember that brown color. I can't say that the old diode works any better than the new ones, but I got my chance to see!

I think I have beat this dead horse too long. Except for a couple of shortwave crystal sets, I will call this one my last set. I want to go back and "touch up" some of my earlier sets. If I find a circuit that looks very promising, look for an eigth set. - Dave (update: Did I say last set??? You can see how I plan. One year into this project I have #22 done and more to come.)

Dave Schmarder's #7 Crystal Set Inside view   Dave Schmarder's #7 Crystal Set Diode detector detail

Inside view and diode detector detail.

Dave Schmarder's #7 Crystal Set Antenna coupling variable capacitor   Dave Schmarder's #7 Crystal Set Right - Antenna Tuning

Binding post detail and view with box closed.

Dave Schmarder's #7 Crystal Set Schematic


Dave Schmarder's #7 Crystal Set Panel Layout

Panel Layout

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