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Crystal Set #4, By Dave Schmarder

Fourth Crystal Set

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Perhaps you are starting to see a trend here. I am getting to know those nice folks at Bed Bath and Beyond. I might try squeezing two variable capacitors (using smaller knobs) in one of these boxes. They are so cool.

You might have noticed that I am using 3 gang variable capacitors, but only show two gangs on the schematic. I can buy 3 gang capacitors for less than 2 gang. If you know me, you then know what kind of a cheapskate you are dealing with.

To date, this is my best performing set. My previous sets were all designed for use with short antennas, perhaps 30 to 50 feet long. This radio has a second winding on it's coil especially for longer antennas. I may add this feature to some of my next radios. Stay tuned.

Oh, did I say more radios? My schematics are starting to look a little better too. I use Carr's Electronic Dingbats and Digelec Thin fonts. I use a paint program that came with my scanner to make the graphics. This is a little tedious but the results are what I am looking for.

Dave's Crystal Radio Coil   Dave's Crystal Radio  Inside

Coil detail ~ Inside view

Dave's Crystal Radio  Inside view Dave's Crystal Radio  Schematic

Inside view ~ Schematic

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