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General Questions

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Website Policies


I make no privacy promises! I keep no mailing lists, so there is no e-mail addresses to trade, sell or give away. If you send me e-mail, I reserve the right to use the address and content as I wish.

Submitted Ideas

Anything, including ideas, suggestions or thoughts are at your own risk. It is possible that I could use this idea, make it a commercial success, be the next Bill Gates without any compensation or recognition to you. Also, an idea you might have sent me, I may of heard before. If this is a problem, please don't tell me. I wouldn't want to hear it.

Use of this web site

This is a hobby based web site for the personal use of my web visitors. Any commercial use of this web site ( is forbidden, without making arrangements (to cut me in) first. Hobbyists may store pictures of this web site for their personal use and may not be distributed by anyone without my permission.

If you use a picture in a forum post, please add a link back to my website. "Scraping" or otherwise taking my content (pictures and/or text) and putting it on your website or blog is discouraged. Don't take my work and put it on your website! This is my work!

Commercial Pages Linking

My pages are not to be used to promote your products. Linking on a general links page is fine, but placing a link to my site from your product page is discouraged. If you are willing to make a donation to keep this site going, I can make special accommodations.

Linking In Frames

Linking so that my page is in your frame is not acceptable! Doing this, hides my meta tags as well as my copyright in my page source code. Please don't do it!


You will find linking information on my links page.

Everything on my site is copyright 2002-2099, David Schmarder.

All rights are reserved. If you wish to use anything on this site (pictures, text, downloads)for non-commercial purposes, please ask. It is highly likely that I will say yes. Please don't use my materials to sell your trinkets on eBay or other sale venues.

Ad Blockers

To get my complete pages, please turn off your ad blocker and allow my ads to appear. I reserve the right to block pages that have the ad blockers switched on.

My Website Code

Effort is placed on making my web pages compatible with major web browsers. IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Konqueror have been tested. This represents over 98% of the browsers that visit my website. This website uses HTML-5 and CSS-3. I use the Google "shiv" script to make some older browsers display my pages correctly.


The person viewing this site agrees to take all responsibility or all positive , or negative consequences resulting from the use of the information. Please learn and observe all safety considerations on your own. Some of the information may not be suitable for use by all persons. Watch how you install your antenna, don't grab your soldering iron by the hot end, and don't use your radio in the bathtub!