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Fairbanks Morse Radio

Fairbanks-Morse 72TS Before Cabinet Restoration

Refinished Fairbanks Morse Radio

Fairbanks-Morse 72TS After Cabinet Restoration

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Welcome to my radio collection page. These are the radios that I have been collecting, most of them recently. I have done electronic restoration to most of these sets.

The set pictured above is a Fairbanks-Morse model 72 radio that was made in 1936. My father purchased this set brand new. I am now the owner of this fine old radio and I intend on keeping it for the rest of my life. My father used to use this for his broadcast band dx-ing. This set works fine, but I did put in new paper capacitors and a brand new 6E5 tube! It looks as many have been changed, but I will change them again. Also one oddity of this radio is the two pilot light holders above the dial. This is a result of the cold war. In the late fifties and early sixties, all ham radio operators had to observe the conelrad rules. If the missiles or planes were coming to attack, radio stations had to stop transmitting. This included ham radio stations too. So my dad used to look at the flashing lights while on the air. If they quit flashing, that meant that there was no modulation at the radio station or they were off the air. My dad could turn on the speaker to see if something was happening.

Update: After months of thought, I thought a nice present to me would be to send out the cabinet to be refinished! It is now in Michigan waiting it's turn. It will be back in December and I will put the "before and after" pictures on here. After discussing the conelrad lights with several people, I decided that the lights stay. This is something that my dad did to his radio. It is a part of the family history but a part of the cold war history. I don't care about the dollar value because it isn't for sale.

Here is the rest of the story. It is now June 14th, 2004 and my cabinet is back! It took a lot longer and I really missed the cabinet. I had wondered if I made a mistake. Anyway, the radio is back in the cabinet with brand new 6E5 tube. The dial slips somewhat as I didn't have a fabric belt to fit and had to use a rubber belt. If anyone knows where I can get a good fabric belt for this set, please let me know.

My dads Fairbanks Morse radio is now back together and in a place of honor in my house.

If you have questions or comments, please visit my contact page for e-mail information, thanks.


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