Homemade Audio Amplifiers

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Another new exit ramp on the Dave's Homemade Radios web site. This section has to do with audio amplifiers. Probably mostly tubes but I might throw in some solid state amplifiers later. Well, maybe.

For years friends have told me how much better that the tube radios and amplifiers sound compared to transistor equipment. As a ham radio operator, I tended to gravitate towards transistors. The receivers had better features, required less power and the transmitters didn't require tuning. But that is ham radio, this section is about entertainment devices.

I won't be cranking out tube amplifiers like I do crystal sets but there will be a few. My first attempt was a two tube mono amplifier to connect to my Fisher 80R tuner. My idea is to make nice sounding amplifiers, not ones that will blow out the windows. I have no test equipment to measure distortion or power. I do have a nice scope that I will be looking at the sine waves at each stage to see if they are pretty enough and maybe will adjust the bias here and there.

Well enough chatter for this page. Please continue by selecting one of my projects below.

Amplifier Project
12axy-6n6 Amplifier

12AX7-6N6 Amplifier


Jogi's Tube Page. This site alone is worth learning German for. There are plenty of circuits and pictures. If there is interest, I will add some of his pages of interest to my links list.

Fun with Tubes amplifier and radio projects and schematics.